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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  January 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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people and injuries several other in central florida. >> we're waking down a cool change though. our weather authority as our forecect. eye missionary killed in a terror attack overseas. the democrats debated one final time before the iowa caucuses. a look at who came out on top in the showdown in south carolina. hey, good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> hi, everybody. i'm kristi krueger in for jacey. thank for waking up with us on this martin luther king today. >> weather authority meteorologist julie durda not one of the lucky few. no, she set you up. >> you know what, i'm happy to be here to bring you the good ns after yesterday. i'll be bringing you the good news as we got temperatures in the 50s this morning. much cooler than what we saw yesterday ahead of that cold front than brought us all the
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currently we do have temperatures in t(e mid 50s and pembroke pines. 55 degree in hialeah. 55 in homestead. 59 in marathon and key west checking in with 63. check out these temperatures anywhere between 15 and 21 degrees colder than what we woke up to yesterday all thanks to that very strong cold front. we saw temperatures yesterday at this at this time in the upper 70s so enjoy the next refreshing change. open up those windows and doors. you're going to enjoy the nice northwest breeze all day long. temperatures s suggle to det out of the 50s and 60s by 9:00. it wl be a cool, refreshing breeze. we're not even in our average high which is great. we're finally feeling like winter here in it. constance, how are your roadways looking. >> good morning, south florida. let's get you to i-95 and northwest 25th street it.
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it's a holiday so those construction crews are not out there to slow you down. there are reports ofslowdowns off of i-95 southbound right off of that exit ramp to the airport expressway. we're seeing speeds clock in at about 12 miles per hour. at this point that has cleared up so not quite sure what was causing those delays but not a lot to talk about. we have one accident to talk about, this one off the palmetto southbound at okeechobee road, not affecting our travel speeds though as you saw 67, 68 miles per hour. i'm going to keep my eyes on this one. it is rather early at 5:02 this morning. broward county we are accident-free. right now people in central florida, they are cleaning up this mess left behind by multiple tornados. those tornados touching down in manatee and saratoga counties destroying homes and
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a dealt swifter in d duet injured. their son and his four children were also inside. >> it happened so fast. i grew up on an island so i've been through a bunch of hurricanes. i'll take hurricanes all day long. >> the couple's son and four children were taken non-life-threatening injuries. governor rick scott paid a visit to those family members. the rain and heavy winds brought down a tree crashing into a fence. power lines down. a church in coconut grove also lost power. two abandoned boats even drifted to the shore of virginia key. >>ow on to the very latest on a missionary killed in a tropical cyclone. michael ridderring was killed after a gunman stormed a luxury hotel and cafe.
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about what he was doing just before that attack. he was waiting on some local people who are going over there. local 10 news reporter sanela sabovic has more. >>reporter: members of hollywood community church coming to terms with such a difficult loss. >> while here mike did everything from cutting grass to serving as one of our elders, and i state at because mike had a heart and he was willing to do anything. there was no job too small for mike. >>reporter: michael ridderring was hailed a hero at the church and when he would return home to visit, he would often get a standing ovation for all he did with his charity work. ridderring a cooper city native moved there with his wife amy and two daughters back in 2011. there he ran sheltering wings, an organization that included an orphanage, several elementary schools and a medical clinic.
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many in two continents would tragically be cut short. ridderring was waiting in that cafe for a group of missionaries with a group of pembroke pines when he and 27 others were killed. >> they were about 1500 feet from landing when there was the terrorist attack. the pilot was notified and took back off. they did not land there. >>reporter: that group safe this morning and preparing to come back home to south florida. ridderring's wife is said to be coping. her faith and the charitable work she did with her husband kept her going. >> mike was a modern day martyr. >> riddering will belaid to rest in south florida. a memorial will be held here at his church in
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two men were on the crash. there was some heavy damage to the front end see. only the chick is consider to be suffering injuries. several americans missing in iraq. local news channels say three americans were kidnapped by militias. those missing have not been identified yet. it's not known why they were in iraq. and three of the americans released from an iranian prison have now arrived on an american air force base there in germany right now. they are receiving medical care there and then they will be reunited with their families as well. here are their pictures. th were all released from prison on saturday. the negotiations were all conducted outside the iran nuclear deal
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this pavement did pave the way for their release. >> when americans are freed and reunited with their families, that's something we can all celebrate. we've achieved this historic progress through diplomacy without resorting to another war in the middle east. >> now the americans were h hd in prison for months, even in some cases for years. the very latest on the battle against isis. iraq's ministry of defense shows iraqi forces.. meanwhile kurdish force says they found what they believe to be mass grave. officials believe that grave holds the remaiai of iraqi men killed back in 2014 when isis ertook that town. although the site has not been properly excavated yet. it's believed between 15
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there. the water chris in in flint michigan began of flint switched its water resources to the river to cut its costs. the civil rights leader held a rally at a church yesterday calling the city a crime scene. >> this is a disaster zone, not just an emergency. maybe there should be duct tape around the crime scene. >> now over the weekend president obama did sign an emergency declaration to make way for federal aid. authorities and volunteers are giving free water filters and other supplies to everyone effected. presidential candidates hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley, they went head to head before the caucuseses in southarolina. the candidates discussing health care plans, gun control, even bill clinton's behavior.
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to discuss the former indiscretions. >> yes, his behavior was disci morable. have i ever once said a word about that issue? no, i have not. >> the latest poll shows that bernie sanders could be ting a lead in both iowa and new hampshire. and the search is on now to find the man who broke into a south florida smoke shop. it was all caught on camera too it. find out what the crook actually got away with. plus spacex rigged to land. what went wrong for the company the fourth time around. chain reaction crash killing at least two people.
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tt2w>rxlh @eo j# $5x tt2w>rxlh @e!!*n t50 tt2w>rxlh @e4! "#d tt2w>rxlh @ex#*&`:%-0 tt2w>rxlh @et#j'`:1-t tt2w>rxlh @et#j)`::m0 tt2w>rxlh @ep#j*`:-v, tt2w>rxlh @ep#j,`:l,l tt2w>rxlh @el#*.`:e%@ tt2w>rxlh @el#*0`:^3( three, two, one, liftoff of the falcon rocket. >> set back for spacex as its latest attempt to launch and land a rocket failed yesterday. spacex successfully performed this feat last month in same -- cape canaveral. rockets typically discarded after launch. and look at this, some snowy white-out conditions led to very dangerous roads in michigan. crews spent all day yesterday trying to clean up three different pile-ups all on the very same highway. two people were killed and 65 cars crashed. the first crash involved nine cars. those only had minor injuries.
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the last crash involved 12 more cars. just terrible conditions there. the powder is finally showing up. thisis is video of new york getting covered with some flakes there yesterday. a winter storm could be headed to the eastern u.s. this week. okay. waking up to obviously much cooler temperatures this morning. question is how long does it stick? >> i like it, sweater weather. nice, t to wear our boots. it's a refreshing change to turn off the january. chocolate. doesn't that sound good? we never get t enjoy that here in south florida. much of the northeast alwa gets to enjoy those things. if you have the day off, maybe make one for yourself. low 60s in key west. the strong northwest breeze has brought some cool, dry air into south florida. we've got 57 for you in hialeah. hey, pembroke pines, i
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in pompano beach. kendall and homestead waking up to 55 degrees. that is our cool air connection and that's going to keep us very comfortable for the next few days. wind speeds between nine and 15 miles an hour. the gusts are expected to reach the teens at 20 today. marathon a wind gust of 25 miles per hour currently. now these temperatures are anywhere between 15 and 21 degrees colder than what we woke up to yesterday. yesterday we were ahead of a front at this time and then the showers and storms moved through it. you're definitely going to feel it. i'm not kidding with you when it stays chilly this morning. and our friends across the northern half of the state seeing the chill as well. temperatures are in the 30s for them. this dome of high pressure is building and that's going to provide for a northeast breeze throughout the day. that breeze will continue going into tonight. a reinforcing shot of even cooler weather will be in place allowing our
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the 40s and 50s this morning. still cool going into tuesday. we'll even keep the cool weather around going into wednesday. not a great day to head into the beach. we're going to see a lot of sunshine out there. i'm thinking the national weather service may allow for this small craft advisory to expire as well as that threat of rip currents. have you to wait and see depending on thehe winds. for your monday, highs will only reach the upper 60s. lows tomorrow, colder than what we're waking up to this morning. we're talking possible upper 40s inland. we'll keep the 50s for overnight lows wednesday and gradually see our temperatures rebound aheadf another front and move in and drop our temperatures again by send of next week. >> hi, constance. macarthur causeway, here's a live look right now. it's a're not going to see too many construction crews out there but west-bound travelers on mcarthur. we're going to have one
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blocked until roughly 5 to 5:30 a.m. maybe you guys heading to the beach today. shouldn't be facing any issues on our bridges. there are two accidents in mostly cloudy we've been talking about. we're seeing just a little bit of a slowdown at 22 miles per hour. that's where we have an accident scene and a secondary issue just a few miles north from there. we're hearing a broken down car due to an accident. this one on the palmetto expressway southbound as you're approacng i-75. but it's early. clearly not affecting our travel speeds at 68 miles per hour. now in broward county we're still accident-free so quickly 595, i want to get you to a drive time fyou're starting at university drive heading over to u.s.-1, maybe you're heading to the airport this morning. going to take you about seven minutes and our average speed about 64 miles per hour. >> constance, thank you. a virginia family left mourning the loss of five of their own who are killed in this scene, their house caught fire.
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home at the time. five did manage to make it out okay. among those killed, two grandparents and two children just three and one years old. >> theywere amazing. they were the best kids ever. >> firefighters say they don't know what caused that fire but they do believe it started near the garage. new overnight police are investigating why a missouri man was st and killed by a police officer. that man was allegedly robbing a kentucky fried chicken in st. louis at this time. investigators say he was flagged down and police say they had to open fire when the suspect raised a gun and wouldn't drop it. nasa is pving there are other life forms in space. coming up a look at the first space flower an astronaut grew. how cool is that? a bright start. 5:17. it a chilly monday morning. we've got the latest for
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luther king day. welcome back. star wars, the force awakens dropped from the top spot to third place at the box office, right along two starring kevin hart and ice cube. the revenant came in second. it has 12 oscar nomination. so are there other life forms out there in space? now we know yes. astronaut scott kelly spending a year in space
5:18 am
first ever flower in space. >>reporter: hey there, in today's tech bytes, a delay for apple watch. >> an on-line report claims the company pushed back that date. no comment from apple. this is amazon echo, the wireless speaker and voice command device that controls smart devices around your home. and now it can now read to you. >> having it read to you is free, but does sound a bit robotic. and google is training its most high-trained robot to help around the house. his name is ian. he's six-two and walks on two legs. ian has competed in the u.s. robots olympics but he's getting good at rearrangg furniture, sweeping up and even vacuuming. work on cook next. >> and laundry. >> come to my home. >> exactly. >> tho are your tech
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>> i want ian to come to my home too. it was a super sunday if you're a denver broncoo fan. they had a special reunion. find out what peyton manning did to make it even more touching. plus the search is on to find a man who broke into a smoke shop. the burglary, as you can see, caught on camera. we have the details for you ahead at 5:30. this is i-75 right at the palmetto. that is where we have reports of a broken down car causing some delays in that area. constance will have a look at your drive times
5:20 am
minutes. the broncos played the steelers in the nfl playoffs yesterday, and it was really a special thomas. >> not only did they win, she was able to watch her son play professional football. her sentence commuted last year through a pardon by president
5:21 am
after defeating the steelers and securing a ticket, thomas got a nice surprise from his teammate. at a post game interview, broncos quarterback peyton manning gave him the game ball to give to his mother. >> nice tribute right there. let's go back to our top stories, two people dead in central florida. dozens of people destroyed after tornados swept through southwest florida over the weekend. governor rick scott visited that area to assess the dabbling. family and friends mourning the death of missionary michael riddering. he was one of the victims of the terrorist attacks. and the democrats went head to head one last time before voting begins in the iowa caucuses hillary clinton and bernie sanders battling over who was right on gun control. and local 10 news at 5:30 is coming your way
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right now at 5:30, deadly devastation here in south florida. the cleanup efforts are now under way. who will change. what will it be like for the rest of the week. your weather authority tracking it all. a smoke shop burglary in south florida. the surveillance video police want you to see so they can catch that crook. bikers riding with their wheels up. dangerous sights still ead. good monday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> hi, i'm kristi krueger in for jacey and we're waking up to cooler temperatures this morning so how long will that last? >> nice, very nice, especially after yesterday with those
5:24 am
the good news is it's not going to last just one day, not just two days. my goodness, we're going on three days of some cool weather. if you're not waking up early this morning, some of you may have the day off. you can do it tomorrow when you're headed back to work. as the kids are headed back to school as well. let's talk about these temperatures. so nice out there. you can't see it from our miami tower cam. we've got the 50s all across the board. 56 in ft. lauderdale. 55 kendall and down by homestead, 63 degrees in marathon and our winds moving in from the northwest is what's driving in that cooler, drier, refreshing change in the wake of that cold front that moved through the area yesterday. so these attempt pretty impressive anywhere between 15 and 20 degrees coolej. you're definitely going to feel the change. much cooler conditions will continue throughout the morning. we'll be breezy. nice and dry conditions expected.
5:25 am
stay in the 60s today with mostly sunny skies by the later half of the day. cool, refreshing change, open up those windows, turn off that ac and enjoy. hi, constance jones. >> hi, good morning, julie. good morning, everyone. broward county still accident-free. let's start things off with a live look. 595 and i-95, it disappeared on me. there tssments 595 and i-95, sometimes it does it. i don't know why. the roadways are nice and clear. our southbound drivers right here to the distance. northbound lanes right there on the i. miami-dade county that's keeping us busy this morning. a new crash reported right off of state road 9 and alibaxe ba a avenue. stop and go traffic there at five miles an hour. miami-dade county, palmetto expressway we have reports of a crash in our southbound lanes on our approach to okeechobee road. at this point really not
5:26 am
much with those speeds at 46 miles per hour. >> constance, thanks so much. caught on camera a smoke shop burglary, the man breaking intohis store and getting away with some cash. this comes dayay after other smoke shops were hit. it looks like the burglar is using the same style to get in. quite the trend here. ben kennedy is live. >>reporter: as you were talking albuquerque this is the second smoke shop break-in i've covered in the past couple of weeks. the glass has been fixed after a bad guy broke in. >> he broke the top of the glass first. >>reporter: a burglar is seen on camera at a smoke shop in ft. lauderdale, then makes his move, uses something to shatter the front door and charges through. >> apparently the thief just took the cash register. >> that's alle took?
5:27 am
>>reporter: rick's vapor blade inint. lauderdale, it's there with his surveillance system was rolling when the bad guy broke in. he passes by e e-cigarette s and goes right for the cash register. in both cases only the cash box is taken by a crook who leaves behind lots of damage. >> i think the window cost more than what we stole@. >>reporter: and it looks like that bad guy took off in a white four-door car. it's not clear exactly why he's targeting the smoke shops or if all three crimes are connected. reporting live in ft. lauderdale this morning, ben kennedy, local 10 news. right now deadly devastation left behind after two tornados touched down in southwest florida.
5:28 am
slammed by storms and dozens of homes were destroyed. many people this morning homeless, left salvaging west left behind. michael seiden shows us more of the scene from saratoga county. >>reporter: 24 hours ago this home was worth nearly $2 million but this morning it is an absolute mess after a tornado ripped it apart. >> you can hear it it coming. you can hear it going over you. you can feel it. >>reporter: it was a perful storm packing a deadly and destructive punch striking southwest florida in the middle of the nht. multiple tornados destroying homes and businesses leaving a long path of destruction near saratoga and tampa. >> it happened so fast. i grew up on an island. i've been through a bunch of hurricanes. i'll take hurricanes all day long. >>reporter: heart break and shot consuming this vie et town of duette. the deadly twister taking the lives of stephen wilson and his
5:29 am
also injured their 38-year-old son and his four children, all between the ages of six and ten. late sunday afternoon governor rick scott paid a visit to family members who rushed here as soon as they heard what had happened. >> my heart goes out to all the victim, buttons the w@lson family. >>reporter: the neighbors who knew the wilsons are thankful to be alive. >> the homeowner tells me she and her husband rode out that powerful tornado inside the closet, thenn they rushed out here and this is barn. you can see the walls no longer standing, the roof blown off. she tells me her husband oven. look right across the way. that refrigerator just a mess. you can see all of the damage out here. in saratoga county near siesta key, a stunning sight. this $2 million home on the water barely standing. i want to give you
5:30 am
this is one of the homeowners' vehicles. a good thing the person wasn't inside there or we may be talking about fatalities. again, no reported injuries at this home. we're in saratoga county near siesta key. i'm michael seiden, local 10 news. >> all right, michael, thanks so much. to people rescued by the coast guard after their boat began taking on water. this happened yesterday about 30 nautical miles off the keys. be okay. and a memorial home going up in flames leaving a family treated for smoke inhalation. this happened on scott street just west of the turnpike. seven dogs we also the fire. they all made it out okay. a hit and run driver still on the run this morning after a motorcyclist was struck in hollywood. this happened near ocean drive and sheridan
5:31 am
now police say they are on the look-out for a lincoln. if you have any information on what may have happened here, here's the number on your screen. two people hurt thin wrong-way crash. they are in good condition. these two were injured of troopers say 23-year-old henry yies was driving a porsche south in the northbound lanes crashing into a honda pilot. investigators are looking into whether or t fog played a dangerous role in the crash. a group of motorcyclists hitting the streets. this video sent to us from a local 10 news viewer shopping these guys popping wheelies as they rode down the street. the highway patrol is warning drivers to keep their eyes out on these stunts. the search for two missing marines
5:32 am
of hawaii today. this after two hospitals crashed. high surf is making the search efforts very, very difficult. there are no plans to yet. consistent with the type developing right now, an american journalist found dead while evacuationing in belize. she disappeared after she volunteered to stay behind with a group of horseback riders. police searched for hours and found her body in a river the next day. >> guatemalan fisherman in the area at the time being requested by investigators. they are also interviewing staffers where she was staying. all after a botched drug trial in france.
5:33 am
brain killer for a compound similar to that found in marijuana. doctors say there is no known way to reverse the effects of this experimental medication. some of you may be enjoying a day off of work or school today as we honor dr. martin luther king, jr. dr. king credited with movement. he became the youngest person to win a noble peace prize. members of his church say he was doing the moment terrorists opened fire. and sunday's showdown, the miami heat taking on the oklahoma citythunder. they couldn't pull out a win. what went glong the
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hundreds of migrants and refugees battling freezing temperatures and snow crossing serbia. those refugees crossing over from macedonia all in the hopes of reaching germany soon. last year 1.1 million people sought asylum there. in california a large sink hole opened up in san francisco forcing crew to see make emergency repairs. take a look at this. waves crashed right into parts of the sidewalk with it and causing it to open up. crews worked to fix that damage and brought in eight to ten ton boulders to fill the hole: for us here in south florida, we are finally seeing things calm down after a wild weekend of weather, right.
5:36 am
we did see some strong storms across parts of south florida. i'm happy to tell you a thing of the past. now that the strong storms have pushed away, it took the rain and cloud cover with taxi we have cooler air filtering in. jackets. 63 degrees in key west. northwest wind in place anywhere between nine and 12 miles per hour. pembroke pines 56 for you and pompano beach. 55 kendall and homestead. 59 in marathon. the 50s. we've seen them from time to time throughout the winter. let me tell you what the difference is this morning compared to just the 50s. our temperatures and our winds have provided for us to actually see our temperatures drop anywhere between 15 to 21 degrees colder thihi morning than what we woke up to yesterday. that's the impressive part is yesterday we had temperatures in the 70s. across the state we're waking up to attempt
5:37 am
you can see in the 30s across the panhandle and into northern florida. and the cool weather is going to stick around. we have this de of high pressure in place, tapping into arctic air. as it gets down here is just cool but that breeze is going to keep it nice rerefreshing today. we'll have a reinforcing shot of cooler weather. possibly open upper 40s that is for you inland. pembroke pines, possibly even weston, we could be talking about those temperatures tomorrow. slight risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. the advisory still in effect for the next 20 minutes. by 6:00 we'll beble to see that expire. highs today only warming up to the upper 60s. we'll see lows again in the 50s tomorrow as well as wednesday. you'll notice the cool down sticks around until wednesday. another front moves in increasing the rain chances and our temperatures by the end
5:38 am
we'll see lows back into the 50s. >> thank you, julie. turnpike southbound heading towards the glades this morning. we have an accident scene near county line road. i want to show you these pictures right off of miami gardens drive. zooming on into our maps we're going to see a little bit of that orange which indicates a little bit of a slowdown. those speeds at 26 miles an hour. we're hearing two lanes of traffic right here off of 199th street. we're hearing it's an accident scene. not quite sure if it's an injury crash. two lanes of traffic blocked here foror anyone heading towards the glades. looks like a little bit of a slowdown for a there. in addition to ali baba microsoft of the delays there in the eastbound lanes of ali baba.
5:39 am
crash in its clearing stagag at palmetto expressway southbound at okeechobee road. i'm updating twitter. make sure you follow us at wplg local 10. >>reporter: good monday morning. local 10 morning sports wrap. miami heat star dwayne wade playing through injury on his 34th birthday on sday. would have helped his ailing shoulders to sit last night. the heat were ready without two of the point guards. sure didn't lookk like efforts hurt. he played great, particularly in the first half. wade was the man. the birthday boy get it go done for the heat in the first half. only had four in the second half because the heat fell behind by so much. here before the half though, hassan whiteside, the heat were down just two at the break but again wade couldn't do it all by himself.
5:40 am
their thing. thunder went on a 17-2 run. heat lose 99-74, two and four road trip. wade though says he still enjoyed his birthday. >> while you have it, win championships but just hoping the great positions one day, you know, you can be talked at as a hall of famer in this game. as you get older, you play it different. i got a lot of love from everybody. woke up to a million imagines today. i got a lot of love on social media. happy birthday. that was cool. so much appreciated for everyone sending their love and support on this day. makes you feel good. >> heat will be back at home finally tomorrow against hawk. meanwhile the panthers were onn the road. terrible second period for the cats. scoreless here comes tampa. cats down 1-0. tampa scores on the rebound again. third period the
5:41 am
some fight, when i say fight, literally. derek mckenzie dropping the gloves. scores to put the panthers within win. lightning was scored. 3-1 the final. panthers have now lost three in a row following that 12-game winning streak. they will be back on the home ice. on campus the 21st ranked women's team in front of a crowd in north carolina. racked up a team hh 20 points. canes roll over usc 26-71. congratulations with their 200 win. nfl playoffs. steelers, broncos in the first quarter. one yard plunge put pittsburgh up 7-6. he' loving the dance. pittsburgh up 13-12. goes from dancing to fumbling. oh, boy.
5:42 am
leads to the game-winning touchdown by cj anderson. it will be peyton manning and the broncos against tom brady and the patriots in the afc championship game. cam newton and the panthers hosting hustle wilson and the seahawks. first quarter, jon stuart scores the touchdown. he doesn't do the dancing. the nice, young girl there excited to get that football. he throws the touchdown. he goes the other way with the interception. they were in control 14-0. how about cam newton to greg olson representing the u. seattle made a late surge but it didn't really matter at that point. panthers win 31-24. it will be arizona and carolina in the nfc title game next week. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap.
5:43 am
coming together to honor the memory of one of their memories. >> the tribute backroad anthem had for late member craig strictland. good morning, south florida. we've got you covered. if you have to head out today right here on local 10. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl.
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take certain medicines. xarelto can cause serious and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia wle on xarelto , watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or three people were found dead inside a home. this is near the state university in new york. two of the victims are current students. police say what they founwas a knife there at the scene. police say one of the victims was probably the perpetrator. but they are falling short of calling this a murder-suicide. investigators are expected to give more details on this one. and there's more concern next to another college campus after a university goes on lockdown. this morning police have a father in custody on this one. this happened at penn
5:46 am
police say that man threatened his two children who go to school there. they placed the entire school on lockdown while he searched for the man. this morning a family in mourning after a utah police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty. this officer was chasing after two suspects who had run from thecene of a crash. 44-year-old douglas barney was shot in the head. he was an 18 year veteran of the force, also won a 12 year battle with cancer. a shoot-out started with the alleged gunman when police arrived on the scene. another officer was injured and the suspected killer was killed. he was later identified was 31-ar-old corey henderson. the second suspect, a woman, is still on the run. and this is the country band backroad anthem. they performed to honor their late bandmate craig strictland.
5:47 am
dead after he went duck hunting with a friend. yesterday's wicked weweher left dangerous conditions behind. >> indeed. but amid all of the damage, more on the acute rescue by miami-dade police. two tornados touched do you know in southwest florida. we'll look at the cleanup efforts. that's coming up at 6:00. also going to look outside. this is the turnpike at miami gardens drive. a crash nearby has a couple of the lanes blocked. looks like cars are moving along pretty nicely on ts holiday monday. in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for ts food critic.
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we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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> in taiwan the first female president has been elected. she's the leader of the
5:50 am
progressive party. her supporters filled the streets as saw celebrating the victory, the election marks the first time the pro chinese nationalist party has lost in taiwan. owners gathered outside of the catholic church in mexico to have their beloved pets blessed. believe it or not, this is a tradition. a priest blessed those pets with holy water on the steps of the san fernando church steps. an oregon state player was caught on camera pulling kind of a fast one on a game referee. >> his decision probably cost his team the game. take a look at what happens here after ball. he bumped and fell and that's when he stuck his leg out and tripped the referee.
5:51 am
we have to get -- no, we won't get a good replay. here it is right here. doesn't get the call, watc the right leg, goes up as the ref goes by. that's no good. >> did he mean to do that? >> yeah. i thought it looked like it. >> i don't know. heavy rain and some strong winds rolled through yesterday morning leaving behind a whole lot of damageth who was rescued will put a smile on your face this morning. miami-dade police saving three baby barn owls whose nest was destroyed. now they are recuperating in an incubator. now turning back to our top story of the day. there w really some totoado tragedies hitting the sunshine state. >> we're going to look at the devastation. we'll see it just minutes away. and we're learning more about the mig rei killed in attack overseas. how he's being
5:52 am
news at 6:00. right now chilly start. we're in the 50s on this monday. our weather authority meteorologist is here tracking those temps. cleanup continues across our state after storms leveled homes and toppled trees. missionary killed, a south florida church is mourning this morning a man killed in an al-quida strike overseas.
5:53 am
americans released, a
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